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    The aroma has lasted for more than 690 years, carrying the same essence.

    The yeast is a saccharifying ferment used in the baijiu-making technology, and the fermentation of complicated microorganism forms into numerous kinds of metabolites, which are important ingredients of baijiu flavor that endow Chinese baijiu with unique aroma.

    Yeast is the bone of Baijiu

    The first song in the world

    In 1324 A.D.

    after more than 30 years of exploration and experiment, Guo Huaiyu, the first-generation inheritor of Luzhou Laojiao traditional baijiu-making technique, developed Ganchunqu, the baijiu-making yeast, which enriched the Chinese baijiu-making techniques that only contained small yeast and bulk yeast, became the first generation of “grand yeast” in history, and opened a new era of Chinese baijiu. Today, the grand yeast holds more than 92% market share of Chinese baijiu, and Guo Huaiyu is the true “ancestor of Chinese grand yeast”.

    Till now

    Luzhou Laojiao has established the first yeast-making ecological park of the baijiu-making industry, which can realize professional and large-scale all-season yeast making; the Jiuxiang brand and trademark we registered are reputed as “the No.1 yeast of the world”.